Sar-K Code Generator

Welcome to Sar-K Code generator website! Here you can find resources and information about our tool.

Name formatter is a java class that is in charge of modifying input table names into class names.

The project is the main collector for all the data required for the Sar-K to produce code.

In order to open a project, you must select File > Open Project menu. A dialog appears that allows to select a specific project configuration file.

Now Sar-K is a complete tool, ready to be used with different databases and to produce code output in different programming languages
to satisfy all customer requirements.

It grabs your database table schema and it produces a source code in the language you need.

Sar-K Case Histories

This is a complex template that we developed internally. This template is used to produce code for a web application based on EJB 3.0 and Hibernate.

This case history describes a simple use case for Sar-K. The purpose of the application was the development of a company intranet, based on SQL Server database and VB.NET code.